Embarrassing Photos

This photo is on the embarrassing side.

Messy Moderna binders from https://hbr.org/podcast/2020/11/remote-feedback

If I stumbled across this on a gemba walk there would be coaching on proper storage techniques of documents. My only hope is some corporate communications person made it this way on purpose and the poor person in the photo was muttering under their breath the entire time.

There is an opportunity here on connecting with communications team on best ways to showcase GxP activities. I recommend writing a good policy on the subject and ensuring it is appropriately bought into.

2 thoughts on “Embarrassing Photos

  1. Agreed, Jeremiah. Also, I just read the July newsletter. And I agree, The Trial by Kafka gifts readers a frustrating crawl through the sticky, always growing, modern bureaucracy.

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    1. Thanks Mike. I was tempted to do one of those eye-spy things to see how many issues existed with those binders, but felt that was way to mean. Moderna is doing good work, but as you and I known so well, little things matter.


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