21st Anniversary

I don’t write much about personal stuff on my blog, but today is my 21st anniversary, so I think it’s appropriate.

I think any good relationship is an exercise in continuous improvement. There are mistakes made, people grow in different ways, things change, and let’s be honest we grow a lot in understanding of the other person. I think that understanding never ever ends.

When you start a relationship, you don’t really know the other person. It is only through time and experiences do you get to know them. And maybe you don’t always like what you get to know. And in my relationship with Jess that’s been the case. And again being honest, it has really been on both sides (maybe a little more towards me).

For me, it has really become a joy in discovering new levels, new details, and new depths to my partner. I love what it means to be in a relationship with a person who is continually growing and continually has new things, and new depths to discover.

So happy Anniversary Jess. I Love you.

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