Complex and Complicated – Time to Break it Down

Complex and Complicated

I went and did it. I now have a song on complex and complicated. A rap anthem to a subject I hold so dear. I bought this through Fiverr from Burtonm6, who was a joy to work with.

Lyrics below

Complicated and complex

these words are not synonyms/

people often misunderstand

i can break down for you

lets begin

problems that are complicated

gotta check how they  originated/

from causes that can be addressed

piece by piece

individually distinguished/


hope that you get the idea

cause and effect is linear

when we’re dealing with complicated

there’s more so listen here

learn the difference

ah yea we got to

I’m here to help yes i got you


every input always has a proportionate output

now its time we move on to complex

lets learn what its about and how its so different

it deals with many causes that cant be distinguished

as individual

because it all intersects

and we must address as an entire system

and if you try to solve it then its not a one and done

it might require to be systematically managed

a multi-functional structure

hard to fully understand it

richly inter-related

they changes in unexpected ways

as they all interact

now lets us talk about the constraints

when its complicated

then its one structure

one function

due to their environment

being delimited

no fronting

complex systems are open

yes thats for sure

cuz its difficult to know where they end

or where they will go

systems in place

to separate is impossible

it was difficult to see the differences

but now you know


complex and complicated

they are not the same

time to break it down so that you can understand

helps  decision making

when you’re analytical

whether complicated or complex

now you know