Blockchain is a costly scam

In the 14 years since permission-less blockchains were created absolutely no one has come up with a single useful thing to do with the technology. The majority of blockchain activity is just about maintaining the blockchain — not about buying or selling things or actually doing anything that has any value to society.

The massive amounts of energy and ewaste is a requirement, maybe even a feature, to the wasteful endeavor of blockchain. Given how that energy waste is a requirement to ensure ‘security’ (for what it is) there’s really no way to fix the problem. And why bother since the whole thing is a tulip-bubble anyways. It exists for speculation.

Blockchain has not offered one feasible solution, and cannot offer a single one, to issues of data integrity or anti-counterfeiting. It isn’t what the technology is designed to do. All it is designed to do is spend a lot of money to drive a speculative bubble,

I leave you with a comic, which succinctly summarizes how I feel everytime blockchain comes up in a professional context.


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