Metrics Plan

A Metrics Plan describes how an organization intends to establish, implement, fund, collect, analyze, and report metrics. A Metrics Plan:

  • Ensures that the correct metrics are collected
  • Ensures that metric analysis and reporting meet all stakeholder needs
  • Ensures that adequate and appropriate resources (e.g., funding, personnel, tools) are available to properly perform metrics implementation, collection, and ongoing support.
  • Ensures that appropriate change management activities are undertaken

This is one of those that can be done at several levels, and it usually has several cuts, from a top-level strategic document to the process owner level to potentially deeper cuts lower in the organization. I am a big fan of each process owner owning their parts and it passing up.

This plan is a critical feed-in to quality management review.

A typical structure of a Metrics plan includes:

  • Strategy
    • Rationale and Desired Outcomes
    • Metrics Framework
    • Success Criteria
  • Implementation Plan
    • Steps, Timelines & Milestones
    • Resources
    • Governance
    • Communication
    • Training
  • Specific Metrics
    • Outcome Mapping
    • Outcome Action Plan
    • ROI Evaluation
    • Routine Analysis & Improvement Evaluation
    • Retirement Plan
  • Data Collection
    • Data Sources
    • Data Flow
    • Resources
    • Reconciliation
  • System & Technology
    • Data Visualization
    • Support
  • Communication Plan
  • Sustainability Plan

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