Day 2 New Rules for Work

Due to a host of issues (work, my inability to be an early morning riser), I had a late start today. I appreciate the conference having events across time zones, and there are a few sessions I hope I get back to watch the videos.

Current and Future Risks of Travel, Meetings, and Humanity with Bruce McIndoe and Loren Edelstein

Given I went into the office last week and got a bad cold (I tested multiple times) this may be a topic I’m thinking of.

Starting heavy on the weather is critical. Folks still aren’t putting enough into the growing impact of weather.

I’m not an event planner, but as an individual who spends a lot of time thinking about risk management and contingency, thoughts on the weather, transportation, and pandemics are of constant thinking.

Kind of veered off into futuristic thinking.

3 Cs of Culture No matter Where People Are by Wayne Turmel

Wayne’s books are great, I am definitely getting his new one. His model for innovative cultures resonates well with the concept of quality culture.

Using Consent-Based Decision-Making to Launch Complex Initiatives into Action by Lynn Handy, Annette Gregory-McArthur and Shannon Scott

Consent based decision making has 2 questions to answer

  1. Is it good enough for now?
  2. Is it safe enough to try?

Progress over perfection.

I don’t think we discuss consent nearly enough in quality decision-making.

Making better, faster decisions that are good enough for now | by Bonnie Slater | Humans of Xero | Medium

Then work happened and I missed a lot of sessions some of which I will watch the videos of

The New Logic of Work: A Smarter Vision for Hybrid by Nathan Coutinho

Let’s hear what Logitech wants me to be thinking about for hybrid work. Quick look around my work space shows I have a fair amount of their equipment.

I rather enjoyed this presentation. Learned a little on ergonomics but what I really liked was a round up of current technology offerings.

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