Making Presentations Accessible

Presentations are critical part of sharing and growing as a professional. I’ve gone on the record more than once stating that to truly grow you have to get as comfortable as possible presenting. But it is not merely enough to present, we need to strive for great presentations.

So coming out of WCQI a fw thoughts.

Our Slides are Mostly Awful

Powerpoint is your co-facilitator. Use it well. Do not use powerpoint as a wall of text. I actually hear a speaker this week say he put lots of text in a slide so folks can use them without hearing him speak. Oh no. Stop that.

Make the Presentations Accessible

Great advice here

Great advice in this post about acessibility, something we should always be standardizing.

I love the index card idea. I will be using it my next presentation.

Every Presentation is a Training

While we may not do level 3 or 4 assessments (or even formal level 2), take the attitude that each and every presentation is a training and strive for effectiveness in design.

Presentations are a Continuous Cycle of Improvement

No one was born as a good trainer. Get a coach. Ask for help. Realize that your first presentation will not be as good as your second and etc. Put the time in.

Look for Opportunities

You have done something that others are interested in. Take pride in it and share. There are always great opportunities, like BOSCON, so find them and put in a proposal. You may not get accepted, but as I said above, it is a cycle of improvement.

If you are reading this, I am willing to help you on your presentation journey.

Audience Applauding Speaker After Conference Presentation

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