You, Yes You! Speak at a Conference

The process of writing and speaking is a core part of the Quality profession. Only through these activities can we truly contemplate and learn from our accomplishments to propel us forward to new heights.

There are some great speaking opportunities for folks around the Boston area coming up:

BOSCON is November 6 and 7th and is looking for speakers. I’m a huge fan of this regional convention and strongly recommend it. Submissions are due August 15th, 2023.

The ASQ’s Quality Innovations Summit (formerly the Quality 4.0 Summit) is September 19–21 in Boston, MA with a theme of “Innovations and Future Trends for Excellence.” Submission deadline is June 9th, 2023, with more information here.

I’m quite happy to help coach potential new speakers, both in the development of your proposal and in your presentation.

BOSCON 2023- Nov 6&7-Call for Speaker

41st Annual Quality Conference BOSCON2023 

Gaining the Edge and Increasing Confidence

Call for Speakers!

Share your knowledge and experience with your peers!

Proposal Deadline:  August 15, 2023

About the event

BOSCON is a key event for local, national, and international quality professionals to hear speakers discuss different quality topics and network. Each year hundreds gather at this BOSCON quality conference to share best practices, expand their network, and further develop their professional and personal growth from experts and professionals in multiple quality related fields. This year BOSCON 2023 will be held on November 6th and 7th, 2023.

We invite you to join us as a key contributor to the success of the 41st BOSCON Quality Conference hosted by ASQ – Boston. It encompasses two days of presentation by the most knowledgeable and innovative quality professionals at all levels.

Presentations will be offered in 4 tracks:

  • Technology and Innovations
  • Quality and Regulations for Lifesciences
  • Quality Tools and Continuous Improvement
  • Reliability, Maintenance & Managing Risk


Presentations must be 50 minutes plus up to 10 minutes of Q&A.  Presenters must be on site and receive free admission to the conference, the Exhibitor Hall, keynote addresses, and lunch.  The Conference Committee will evaluate all proposals, but there are only 12 time slots available each day.

Key Dates  

  • August 15th: Please complete the form below and submit to and and no later than August 15th 2023. 
  • September 3rd: Applicants will be notified if the submitted proposal was accepted, confirmation requires a signed speaker agreement.  
  • September 15th:  Sign speaker agreement and submit. 
  • October 8th : Submit final set of slides by October 8th. ​

Speaker Proposal Form

1. Title: (Max 50 characters)

Provide a clear and concise title to list and publicize your presentation.  Consider including a tag line, e.g. – “Raising the Bar to Excellence – a CAPA journey.”

2. Description: (Max 100 Words)

Show the prime focus of your presentation and what the attendee(s) will learn.

Provide a short description of your session that will be posted on the conference website and distributed electronically to registrants.  Consider identifying the intended audience (Management, Engineers, Quality Professionals, etc.) and what they will learn.  Think of this as an advertising blurb to capture people’s attention and make them want to attend.

3. Session Abstract(s): (250-300 Words)

Please provide a more detailed overview of your proposed presentation for inclusion in the conference materials.  Abstracts should include the following:

  • Introduction of the topic, including context and background (don’t repeat the Description above)
  • Objectives in terms of what you intend to communicate; what problem(s) are you addressing?
  • Approaches you intend to use to get your message across, e.g. – case studies, data analyses, tips & tricks, etc.
  • Key takeaways the audience should expect to learn.

4. Biographical Sketch: (150-200 Words)

Please provide a summary of your career and credentials for publishing in the conference proceedings.  This information should be composed from the third person perspective.  You may also include a link to your LinkedIn profile or website.

5. Contact Info & Credentials:

Name, address, email, phone, organization, title, and LinkedIn profile link.

6. Additional Info:

Anything that may increase the value or credibility of your proposal, for example, presenter’s relevant credentials or experience in the related field, etc.  If the proposed or similar presentation has been presented in another venue, preferably a national venue, it will add to the credibility and interest to our audience; if the organization or the presenter has won relevant industry recognitions, such as awards or press citations, this will be of benefit in attracting attendees.  Attachment of your presentation or an outline slide is welcome. 

Please submit proposals to and  
not later than August 15th, 2023.  

For general questions about the Conference, please email

Encouraging New Speakers

I would like encourage new speakers at BOSCON, and at ASQ events in general. I will make myself available to assist and coach individuals who want to speak. I will help you refine your proposal, review and propose edits to your slides, and do some speaker coaching. Let me know if you want some coaching through this blog’s Contact or on LinkedIn.

Boscon 2022

I am pretty excited that Boscon, the local ASQ section’s conference is back on and calling for proposals. So for local folks, a good time to share some best practices and case studies.

BOSCON is an annual quality conference hosted by ASQ Boston. BOSCON is the New England signature event where national and international quality professionals hear speakers discuss different quality topics and network with them. The conference focus for 2022 is Navigating Quality Performance in a post-Pandemic World (Risk management, Impact/risk & mitigation of pandemic on companies, Work-life balance, Resource management, Employee Safety, Virtual/ remote workspace, Customer satisfaction, Supply chain).

Tracks and possible focus

  • Technical Quality tool (CAPA, 5S, SPC, Lean 6 sigma, etc);
  • IT/Software (Cybersecurity, cloud, virtual workspace, etc);
  • Pandemic Supply Chain (Lean reconsidered, Change management);
  • Personnel/People (Work-life balance, resource management).

Not interested in presenting, but want to participate as a volunteer?
Contact Snehal Rane BOSCON 2022 Chair


We invite you to submit your proposal(s) for BOSCON 2022 oriented towards one of the track areas above.  Please provide a concise and clear description of your session topic and the values it provides to our attendees. 50 minutes are provided for your presentation and any Q&A.


  • August 15th => Please complete the form referenced below and submit to both and as soon as possible, and no later than August 15th.
  • September 1st => Applicants will be notified if the submitted proposal was accepted, confirmation requires a signed speaker agreement.
  • September 15th => Sign speaker agreement and submit.
  • October 1st => Submit final set of slides by October 1st.

Fill out the form- Word version at!Aq7kI8QOQQN5hD-FL4JLDqGKF8yc?e=USkE6y


The Boston Section of the ASQ is hosting the 39th annual BOSCON March 30-31, 2020 at the Airport Hilton hotel & conference center here in Boston.

ASQ BOSCON is proably the biggest and best run regional quality conference. I’ve been going for years and I highly recommend it to everyone.

The BOSCON 2020 theme is Performance Excellence—Your Competitive Edge. “To succeed in today’s digital economy, Quality must lead the way. Quality principles and practices are essential, but practitioners must innovate, learn and lead in how they are adapted to the digital age.”

The Team and Workplace Excellence Forum is proud to be a silver level sponsor. We firmly believe in quality’s role to build a culture of excellence, and that the challenges of the digital age are exciting ones to overcome.

A strongly recommended conference and I hope folks will be able to attend. Registration information can be found here.

There are also some good classes for certification preparation being offered after the conference for the Supplier Quality, Biomedical Auditor and Reliability Engineer certifications.

Conference Speaking

Conference proposals are a different writing beast than articles or columns or papers. Don’t be coy. Don’t give us a promise.  Tell us the problems and what we will learn.

Johanna Rothman “Writing Advice for Conference Proposals”

Good advice from Johanna Rothman on conference proposal writing.

Giving back to the profession, sharing best practices and lessons is an important part of being an ethical practioner, and also a great way to build your career. Preparing and speaking at a conference is also a great way to build connections with the material and to stretch in order to build expertise.

In 2019 I’m speaking at 4 conferences:

In addition, I tend to speak at a variety of internal events and provide a ton of training.

I hope to run into some of you at these events next year.