Combating Silo Thinking is Part of the Job

The tendency of employees and managers to identify themselves with their “group,” (i.e. their department or area of specialization) is a engrained instinct that a lot of us grapple with on a daily basis. A big part of systems thinking, of quality thinking, is seeing the big picture – to
be able to analyze and integrate the parts and the whole.

For some reason this comic has me thinking of strategic vision and shared fate and questions of alignment and congruence.

Liminal – ‘In Between’ Words and Phrases

Words to describe those in-between, stuck in the middle, between the devil and the deep blue sea, liminal kinds of things.
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As a quality professional I can use threshold, interstice and even liminal and occasionally be-twixt. But now I need to be ‘between the devil and the deep blue sea’ more often at quality management reviews and the visual management boards.